Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals    



The best way to communicate with the Board is by email at or by telephone at 703-681-8502. Except for Rule 4 file documents, documents that are 10 Megabytes or less in size should be emailed to the Board's Recorder at Please review the document filing guidance at 'Rules and Guidance' for more information.

Mailing Address

Note: The Board strongly encourages electronic submissions, rather than paper filings. Please refer to the Board's Document Filing Guidance (17 June 2021) for more information.


   Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
   Skyline 6, Room 703
   5109 Leesburg Pike
   Falls Church, VA 22041-3208

Mailroom Hours

Call 703-681-8502 prior to delivery to verify mailroom staffing.

Email Address Note:  Not all documents may be filed via email. Please refer to the Board's Document Filing Guidance (17 June 2021)  before submitting documents via email.

Phone Numbers

General Inquiries: 703-681-8500
Office of the Chairman, Vice Chairmen, General Counsel: 703-681-8501
Recorder's Office: 703-681-8502

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Inquiries

Contact the General Counsel at 703-681-8501.

FOIA requests may be submitted to the mailing address set forth above or via email to It is recommended that you contact the General Counsel prior to submitting a FOIA request.