Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals    


Please note:  The Board's decisions are not published on this website on the date of issuance.  Decisions are issued first to the representatives of the parties involved in the matter and are published after a minimum of 10 days have elapsed from the date of the decision.  Occasionally, for administrative reasons, a decision will not be published until several weeks after the decision date.  Parties should not rely on the website publication date when calculating dates for filing motions for reconsideration, appeals, or other matters.

Published Decisions - 2023

Decision Date ASBCA Number Appellant/Petitioner Judge
January 17, 2023 63089 MicroTechnologies, LLC D'Alessandris
January 17, 2023 63116 CRJ Management Services, Inc. Thrasher
January 17, 2023 63294 OSC Solutions, Inc. Arnett
January 13, 2023 62748 Leebcor Services, LLC Witwer
January 12, 2023 62642 Meltech Corporation, Inc. Cates-Harman
January 12, 2023 63365 Triun, LLC Thrasher
January 11, 2023 63403 Heart & Core LLC Melnick
January 10, 2023 62803 Vertex Aerospace, LLC Page
January 10, 2023 63113 Deloitte Consulting LLP, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP Thrasher
January 4, 2023 62775-ADR SMR Construction, Inc. Eyester
January 4, 2023 62709-ADR Sauer Incorporated McNulty
January 3, 2023 62164-ADR Mountain Movers/Aimsworth-Benning, LLC D'Alessandris


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