Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals    



Effective March 16, 2020, until further notice: Due to covid-19 related restrictions, the Board is open with most employees working remotely. The best way to communicate with the Board is by email at or by telephone at 703-681-8502.

The Board prefers not to receive paper documents. Unclassified documents, other than Rule 4 file documents, should be emailed to the Board's Recorder at  Unclassified Rule 4 file documents, and other documents too large (>10MB) to be sent by email, should be submitted to the Board via DoD's secure access file exchange service, DoD SAFE, at, using for the recipient's email address.  If you are a non-government entity, you must request to use DoD SAFE.  Send your request to use DoD SAFE to and one of our IT staff will contact you with instructions.  The parties are responsible for providing each other with copies of any documents they submit to the Board.  Classified documents may not be submitted by email or DoD SAFE. 

APPELLANTS PLEASE NOTE: Notices of Appeal and Complaints should be submitted without exhibits or other attachments (except, attach a copy of the contracting officer's final decision, if you have one, to your Notice of Appeal). Documents attached to a Notice of Appeal or Complaint are not routinely considered part of the record upon which the Board's decision will be rendered. Board Rule 4(a) requires the government to transmit to the Board and appellant an appeal file consisting of documents the government considers relevant to the appeal. Once you receive the government's Rule 4 file, you may supplement the Rule 4 file with any additional documents you consider relevant to the appeal (see Board Rule 4(b)).

Rules and Guidance

Document Filing Guidance (7 April 2020)

Rules of the ASBCA (21 July 2014), published at 48 CFR Chapter 2, Appendix A, Part 2

  ▪▪ Addendum I: Equal Access to Justice Act Procedures (21 July 2014)

  ▪▪ Addendum II: Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (21 July 2014)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Guidance

Transcript Notice (27 Feb 2015)

Protective Order Guidance (26 Sep 2016)

Model Protective Order (26 Sep 2016, Rev. 4 May 2020) PDF format

Model Protective Order (26 Sep 2016, Rev. 4 May 2020) Word format




Rules and Forms are in Adobe .PDF format and may require an appropriate viewer program. The Adobe Reader program may be downloaded for free at